Band Bio

The Gathering Dark

Songs, stories, custom-built shows

Josh Dunkin, Steve DuRose, and Dillon Shelton found one another in Hendersonville, NC via Chicago, Los Angeles, and a Roxboro tobacco farm, where the livin was hard but the fishing was easy. Together they fly under the banner of The Gathering Dark and present a high-energy, intimate show experience unlike any other in Western North Carolina. Catch them every Monday night in Hendersonville, NC as hosts of Takes All Kinds: The Open Mic at Oklawaha Brewing Company.

If the name “The Gathering Dark” sounds a little poetic, good, it should. In Hendersonville, The Gathering Dark is a two-man band — Josh Dunkin and Steve DuRose — that is not limited to singing and guitar strumming. In addition to very thoughtful and sometimes humorous songs, both covers and originals, you can expect a show custom-made for the event and venue of the moment. You’ll probably get a little spoken word, some storytelling, a little role-playing, and, a bit of poetry. Most of all you’ll get amazing entertainment by two of Hendo’s most respected, well liked, and talented performers, both of which are musicians, actors, and, in the truest sense, artists. Be sure to catch their show this Friday night at Triskelion Brewing Company. The Gathering Dark is a fairly young duo, having come together back in 2016, when Josh was hosting a trivia night and Steve was competing. In between the questions and answers, Josh would sing — songs that might seem a bit obscure or random to most of us, but not to Steve. Quickly, the two men realized they shared more than trivia: They are both songwriters and rockers. “Steve and I have a good buddy named John Mitchell who is an excellent storyteller,” Josh recently said. “One night he’s deep into telling us this story and he uses the phrase ‘... and there we stood in the gathering dark....’ I thought to myself at that moment, what a great turn of a phrase. It both sets the scene and paints a picture in the audience’s mind. It’s ominous but not without hope. It’s mysterious. Our name seeks to foreshadow the audience experience. The Gathering Dark should paint a picture in the audience’s mind before they hear a song or see a show. We tell stories. We sing of life’s shadows and lights. We begin ‘in the gathering dark.’” Josh hails from Tennessee by way of Chicago, and Steve is from Ohio via Los Angeles. They started performing regularly about two years ago at Sanctuary Brewing Company with a series of shows revolving around a particular musical theme — murder ballads. Lately, they have been constructing tailor-made shows for various venues. These shows consist of songs, storytelling, humor, poetry and drama. Most recently the two were in the spotlight for their take on when music legend Bob Dylan showed on Carl Sandburg’s door unannounced in 1964. “Dylan at Connemara” was commissioned by the Gallery at Flat Rock for two sold out shows in January. The Gathering Dark is familiar in so many ways, yet, it is different from most other ensembles. Both men have his own individual career in performance, but by coming together, they have created some new based on sincerity, friendship, and talent. Through their music, words, and actions, Josh and Steve touch the lives of the people who listen. They may gather in the dark, but they shine when in the limelight. ”

Steve Wong, Times-News